Virtual Game Assets can now be protected from hacking threats with the help of AlephZero.

Paid extensions and rare items often give a serious advantage to the players who obtain them and can have significant financial value. A theft of such items by hackers lowers the positive gaming experience, reducing trust with in-game purchases.

To prevent such situations, a tokenization system could be created on the basis of the Aleph protocol. It would store the complete history of item ownership and would allow free in-game and out-of-game trading with other cryptocurrencies. A cross-game item exchange could be established to allow players to be able to trade value between the games. This would broaden the options for players to buy in-game items.

Speculation on an item exchange could bring a new forms of rewards for players by exchanging their in-game efforts for other forms of value. For the game developers, it would create new revenue streams, higher engagement, and higher competitiveness. If the game studios will be able to create more value for the players, the whole industry might benefit. Additionally, the tokenization of virtual game assets could bring security and transparency to the gaming industry, especially to multiplayer and casino games, which would also be beneficial for the whole industry for users and developers.

The decentralization of virtual game assets would have to be based on a platform that would not negatively affect the gaming experience. We see Aleph Zero can be the best platform to suit these needs; besides its high speed, scalability, and security, its interoperability would enable players to exchange their assets conveniently.




CryptoVC based in Dubai,UAE. Investing in game changing Decentralized Platforms.

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Phoenix VC

Phoenix VC

CryptoVC based in Dubai,UAE. Investing in game changing Decentralized Platforms.

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